Hello Taylor,

My name caption is Drew Cumpson; I am one of your biggest fans. I remember the first day I heard Tim McGraw on the radio, I was in Ottawa Ontario with my mom back to school shopping, from that point forward I was hooked on the music and have purchased every single album and song. Unfortunately the last four years have not been that easy for me and I have yet to be able to attend one of your headlining tours.

Taylor, Rodney and Brad Concert (58)

On May 10, 2011 I was in Lima Peru on the humanitarian trip helping the less fortunate with a group of students from the University of Guelph. Unfortunately on the last day of the trip I was injured in a body surfing accident in the ocean which left me a ventilator dependent quadriplegic of the C4 level. I had tickets to your Speak Now Tour in Toronto that June but was in ICU for 16 months. Up until August 7, 2015 I have been living inside of a hospital for over four years and life was not very fulfilling. I am now living at home and enjoying life to the fullest, just because something happens to you does not mean that you have to give up on yourself or life and try and live it the best you can. I am working on completing a bachelor of commerce, like your brother Scott, through the University of Guelph right now and have finally moved home from the hospital and am living a normal life again.

I made this video in 2013 prior to the Red Concert Tour

I also had tickets to the Red Tour in Toronto in 2013 but once again life had other plans for me as my mom had been diagnosed with cancer in January and was not doing well during that time and I was spending every bit of time with her that I could, sadly she passed away on July 17, 2013. I know you’re going through some similar things in your life now as I went through in 2013, it is definitely a hard time in life but we always have to remember to live. My mom was my best friend and number one supporter through everything in life just like your mom. I was lucky enough to meet you when you opened up for Brad Paisley in Ottawa in September 2007. We talked about your song Teardrops on my Guitar and how before I had heard it I kept getting all these looks in the hallway and didn’t know why until one day I asked why the girls kept looking and smiling at me. They told me it was because of that song. We also share the same favourite number, 13, as it was my jersey number through childhood sports.

My Cousin Wedding 2014
My Cousin Wedding 2014

I have tickets to your 1989 concert in Toronto on October 3rd and I’m really hoping that I will get the chance to meet and talk to you again as your music has been very influential in my healing process. Since my accident, I have been living by the motto “Keep Fighting, Keep Smiling, Stay Strong” and ensure that I am optimistic and positive about life ahead.

Drew Cumpson